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Newline - The brand for running

Much like Newton and his apple the idea for functional running clothes came falling from the sky.

The Danish founder of Newline was a pilot in the Danish Air Force. During parachute jumps he noticed that clothes became wet from the water vapour in clouds. Once on the ground however the parachute had already dried up.

This was the start of an innovative process in which running clothes were made of parachute fabric. This particular fabric dries fast, is light-weight and very durable compared to other cotton based clothes. This was the first line of functional running clothes made of parachute fabric in the world. A new company was born!

From the beginning Newline focused on the following aspects as a base for their products: windproof, water resistant, breathability, temperature regulating and light-weight.

Since 1981 Newline´s goal has been to offer you the best possible running experience and performance through the production of high quality sportswear.

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